Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Now Lord?

Do you ever find yourself asking that question? We are back in the US, and in Bryan Texas to be exact. We moved here to take a job that Chris had been offered only to arrive and find out the exact job was no longer a possibility. Chris is still in training with the prayer that there will indeed be a job that opens up, and we really pray SOON.

I think the most common question has been... "How are you really doing?" and "Are you completely discouraged?" To give you the real life answer... We have grown in our faith. We as well as our children are trusting God in new ways. We believe that God lead us to Texas. We know He is out for our best good. We know we can trust Him. We do have hard days when there is discouragement. We do not understand the big picture. There have even been moments of excitement. Each and every time we have had a wilderness time, the Lord has been preparing us for something greater. We have questioned. BUT...

We can say without a doubt that when our heads hit the pillow each night, We believe God and place our full trust and faith in Him despite what we see. Take the time to read Psalm 40. I feel like this was written for me right now and it is so encouraging!

We greatly appreciate all your prayers!

Oh, P.S. I am getting ready to re-do my blog. I am excited about what chapter God has next for the Feild Family!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Riots and Gunshots

This morning we received a call that our kid’s school had been canceled for the day. There is some military that is rioting. They broke into the military armory and there have been reports of violence through the night. We have been advised to stay in our homes. Several of our team mates who live in the city have heard gun shots throughout the morning.

There is a planned riot/march that will start in about 2 hours at the military down the street from our home. Please stop now and pray for peace and safety in Burkina.

A couple weeks ago news had broken of a university age student who died in police custody. People believed that he was the victim of police brutality, but the police said that he died from meningitis. Some scattered protests began and several have been killed. Due to the strikes by the Burkinabe students they have missed almost a month of school. They are due to return the 28th; however, we were told today that this may be extened due to the military situation.

Just recently Gabriella and I were on the way home from taking the kids to school and she commented on how pretty this building was and how badly she wanted to go to that place. It looked like a “princess castle.” I explained to her that the outside of that building did look really pretty but the sad thing was that inside that pretty place people were dying and going to hell… "Gabriella,this place is called a mosque" I said. This is where the Mvslims go for prayer. Instead of going to visit the mosque we need to pray that the walls would come tumbling down and that the people would hear and know the truth of Jesus. We stopped at that moment and prayed.

Little did I know that every single time we passed a mosque the entire car would hear, “WE NEED TO PRAY!” Needless to say this was at first funny and then became annoying. The other children would even try to distract her from seeing the ones we would approach as we would drive down the road.

DARKNESS… We live in darkness. So often I feel like we are deceived at how dark places are because the surface seems so light. From riots, to rebellion, to deception, to death…. People are living a life separated from the Father and desperately need Jesus. Please pray for salvation to come. Pray for safety and protection.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


So I threw grace out the window last night. We have been praying about making another 2 year commitment here in Burkina and really do not feel like God is done with us here yet. We still have to be approved through all the channels to come back, but we have felt like we will indeed return.

Just yesterday morning I was talking with the Lord and saying that there is no way that this cannot be You drawing us back. We were excited. I really felt encouraged that we have been going through 12 hour power and water cuts at the same time, mind you I have had three kids with vomit and diarrhea in the midst of this. I promise you that this is not fun just in case you would have thought otherwise. I have gone from freaking out about all the money we will have to raise on top of our current support that needs to come in….. To believing God for His provision and even excited to see how He is going to do it. So do you see the picture, we said yes we would return when things feel yucky and very uninviting.  Lord doesn't this effort some immediate blessing here?!?!

OK so I know I am not the only one here……. The classic situation took place yesterday afternoon. The feeling you have when you have watched the Father and said I am stepping out of the boat in faith and walking on this water even though I have no idea how this will work. It feels amazing to trust Christ that way. However, with-in hour’s one attack after another began to come like a punch in the gut each time. I knew that the enemy was at work and I do believe that this is a spiritual attack. For that moment, I felt  discouraged, but trusting my Father.

So as the evening comes, Samuel has bible study in town.  I am then happy to have to drive into town to be out of my dark hot home. This is what I thought would be good for us… sitting in the air condition and just praying. It was STRESS. Driving the road with a million little mopeds, bicycles, and a few aggressive cars on the road was insane. They are not great about respecting traffic lights to start with, but when it is dark and there are no street lights on top of no traffic lights, it was a nightmare. I think the tears started to fly after seeing the 4th very disturbing accident.
We returned home to a dark home and decided to have a spend the night party in the car. The kids got settled on their movies and I began to complain to the Lord. I was mad but even more than mad, I was sad. My comments were Lord, SERIOUSLY!!! I feel like we have given up so much to follow You, can we not get a little break. You are the King that is reigning on the throne and I know that this is nothing for you. The picture that came to my mind right away was a picture of Jesus on the cross. He did not need to use words with me, I knew. He had given up His son so that I could have eternal life. My sacrifice is nothing.
I went to bed just discouraged.

When I woke this morning I wish I could tell you that each situation that arose yesterday had been miraculous taken care of, but I can’t. What I can tell you thought is that as I sat down to start my Bible study the first thing that I wrote on my paper was, “My grace is sufficient for you!”  I really felt like before even opening my mouth that this is what the Lord spoke to me.   I then started to try and have email downloading while I was readying and this subject title pops up…..The Benefit of Trials. I knew that this was for me. I have pasted the devotion below.

My grace is sufficient for you.

2 Corinthians 12:9

If none of God's saints were poor and tried, we should not know half so well the consolations of divine grace. When we find the wanderer who has nowhere to lay his head who still can say, "I will trust in the Lord," or when we see the pauper starving on bread and water who still glories in Jesus, when we see the bereaved widow overwhelmed in affliction and yet having faith in Christ--oh, what honor it reflects on the Gospel. God's grace is illustrated and magnified in the poverty and trials of believers.

Saints bear up under every discouragement, believing that all things work together for their good, and that out of apparent evils a real blessing shall ultimately spring--that their God will either work a deliverance for them speedily or most assuredly support them in the trouble, as long as He is pleased to keep them in it. This patience of the saints proves the power of divine grace. There is a lighthouse out at sea: It is a calm night--I cannot tell whether the edifice is firm. The tempest must rage about it, and then I shall know whether it will stand. So with the Spirit's work: If it were not on many occasions surrounded with tempestuous waters, we would not know that it was true and strong; if the winds did not blow upon it, we would not know how firm and secure it was. The masterworks of God are those men who stand in the midst of difficulties steadfast, unmovable--



The one who would glorify his God must be prepared to meet with many trials. No one can be illustrious before the Lord unless his conflicts are many. If, then, yours is a much-tried path, rejoice in it, because you will be better able to display the all-sufficient grace of God. As for His failing you, never dream of it--hate the thought. The God who has been sufficient until now should be trusted to the end.

I am reminded that I am honored and blessed to serve the King of Kings, that He hurts when I hurt, that He wants nothing more than a deeper richer relationship with me and it is through these tough times that He is able to really shine in His greatness.


Friday, February 25, 2011

When God moves in your Child's Life

Blog Part 4

Silas is 9 years old and is in the 3rd grade at the International School of Ouagadougou.

Silas likes Superman and I think part of this comes from his love for his older cousin Bo.

This is Silas in the school assembly!  They had a cause and effect presentation.

Silas also learned a little about cause and effect in his own life and obeying God.

Silas struggles being here. He trusts God, but he has at times counted down the days until he can be with his best friend, Jonah Brooks again. He heard Noah praying that God would tell us if we are to come back after our Stateside. Our stateside does not start until January 2012. We would go home to raise support for 6 or so months and then possibly come back. 4 days ago during our morning prayer time while Noah was praying Silas busted in with a WHAT? You said we were coming here for two years….chin is quivering and the tears begin to fall. I do not want to come back. I really miss Jonah and American football he says. I simply am heartbroken for him and try to encourage him as we are about 2 minutes from school.

Fast Forward to a week later- Samaho gets SAVED.

This is Samaho and her son Philemon!Fast Forward to the next morning during prayer time-

We use the ACTS- Acknowledge, Confess, Thanksgiving, and Supplication…. We are on “thank” and the excitement that we all shared in her decision for Christ was amazing. Silas stops in the middle of his prayer and says, “Wait a minute, so do you mean that because of us like 22 people will go to heaven now?” I respond not understanding the number he gave, “YES, Silas. Because you loved, prayed for, and showed Jesus by your life- Through God’s power Philemon’s mom and Surge gave their lives to Jesus and they will be in heaven with us. Who are the other 20 people?” Silas responds, “Ya know the people who come to church just because we are white and they want to see us or because there is a team here and then when Pastor Agabus is preaching they ask Jesus into their lives. That is because of us too?” My response with a quivering voice and tears streaming down my face was, “Yes Silas. Does it not feel so good to be the usable part of God’s power so that others come to know Jesus and heaven gets bigger? Silas, now do you understand that it breaks my heart that you miss home and Jonah and American football, but if God asks us to come back to Burkina it is only because He needs us to be the usable tool so that he can extend his grace and power and people will give their lives to him?” With a tender sweet almost shy looking smile he shakes his head yes. “Silas, if God calls Daddy and I to come back to Burkina Faso after our two year commitment here is over, He does not just not leave you out of the picture. He has a plan and wants to use you, but He cares that you hurt. It is in times like these that we have to trust God even if it does not feel like he is taking care of us or out for our best good because we really are sad and our hearts really do hurt….. Because we really do miss Jonah very bad or we really want to play American football. We are now at school and the kids have to get out of the car…. Silas is in the front seat and as he takes his seat belt off with the sweetest smile I have ever seen he says, “I love you mom.”

I know that it is in times like these, God reminds me that even though we hurt and suffer, it is He who will also grow and teach us love and protect us. At age 9, Silas’s heart is sufferings but he is learning lessons at 9 years old that I pray will mold him into a man of God that can trust God in ALL things because He knows WHO God is.

Thank you God for Silas, please bring Jonah here for a visit. We will wait for your timing, but please bring him! AMEN!

God’s Power in Usable People Brings Changed Lives and Amazing Things!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Samaho Gives her Life to Jesus

Blog Part 3

This was taken on the way to school.  The creator of the Universe is still in the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Talk about a thrill. This was better than anything I could have received.... seeing God move on and in the heart of my friend in which I have been praying for… Word do not describe the joy!

Philemon's mom has slowly allowed us into her life. She has slowly shared her hurts and struggles. She has shared how she is in an arranged marriage with a man who has been married 4 times and she had no idea before the marriage took place. She has shared that her husband has had 11 other children in which she had no idea before they wed. She has shared some very intimate details about the pain she has endured in this marriage.

She, just like all women wants to be loved and cherished. She wants a husband that will care for her and her needs. She wants a husband that will love and care for their son. She lives in a constant state of stress at how she will provide for her son and herself alike. She lives in a constant state of stress being married to a man that has had 4 other wives and all have left him. She has had a void that she continues to just explain away as her circumstances.

I have shared with her for months that more than anything she needs Jesus. More than anything she needs that void to be filled with the peace that can only come from the Father.

She had come to fix a meal for our team and I asked her if she had been reading any more of the Bible I gave her. She said yes, and still said she knew she needed Jesus but "the day would come" when she would make this decision. This is the response she has given each time. I felt the spirit urge me to question her directly..... Samaho, what will happen if you die on your way home tonight... your eternity will not be in heaven with Jesus. Is it that you do not believe or is it that you are afraid? Her response, "I believe and I am ready right now." Seriously, I think I about fell off my chair.
This is the meal she prepared!
It was a precious moment as we gathered in a circle with our hands locked as John Arnold lead her in the sinners prayer and she gave her life to Jesus. Did I say it was AMAZING! This was a Mvslim woman who gave her life to Jesus. I wanted to do front flips right then and there.

I am so glad that it did not stop there. She brought her sister in law to church with her the next Sunday and she too gave her life to Jesus. Since then she has brought 5-6 people each week as she wants others too to know the peace that she is experiencing. Her present sufferings have not changed, but she can face each day knowing that the God of the universe is on her side.

We now are praying for her husband. She said that if he gave his life to Jesus, it would be an absolute miracle. We began a 30 day prayer journey for her husband. Please be part and have a hand in his salvation story. Pray that God would give him dreams and visions of his separation from Him. Pray that God would not let him rest. Pray that the blinding that has been placed over his eyes would be removed. Pray that God saves this man from himself! Pray that he will see and know the TRUTH and that the TRUTH would set him free!

Please also pray for Samaho and her sister-n-law Sali. They are amazing woman. They works hard. They have just stepped into the battle field and the enemy is ticked that once again he has lost another soul. Pray for her growth and protection in the Lord.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Realities of Life in Burkina Faso

Blog #2

This is a poem that Philemon has written since his salvation. Through his eyes, this is how he views Burkina. God is working in this kid. He is anointed! Please stop and pray for him right now. Pray protection, favor, blessing in his studies, salvation for his family members, and grace to pour upon him!

Realities of Life

He who believes in the Son of GOD has the witness in himself; he who does not believe GOD has made Him a liar, because he has not believed the testimony that God has given of His Son.

1 John 5:10


Life is full of despair and indifference.

How many are those who are poor and weak and have been neglected?

How many are worthy of the money they possess?

In today’ s time the poor must remain quiet even when he is right and the rich can lie and still have the last word.

In the field, both morning and night the poor search for bread, honesty, and merit.

The rich know that they will eat whether by fraud or through indignation.

How many rich earn their money honestly?

And the rich who are worthy of the money they possess, how many are there?

The flesh is full of desire and of feelings which often lead to disobedience and ruin. And once we start, we cannot stop.

Suffering and perseverance are mothers of success.

After sufferings and perseverance, comes peace and joy given by the LORD.

Today we can be in abundance and tomorrow in destruction; as well as destruction today and abundance tomorrow.

When Jesus is not there, everything we do goes bad.

It is only by the gift that is given to us through Jesus that we can persevere.

The world is full of treason.

Sometimes the best feels like the worst.

Only the Father and Son are worthy of confidence and hope.

Don’t let us be carried away by pride and the search of prestige only to one day be humbled.

The work never stays in distress.

He who works and makes an effort will be rewarded.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Life Change

Part 1 of 4 Blogs…. They are long but well worth the read!

Noah, Philemon, and Amadou
Separation was born separated from God and from a relationship with Him. Separation’s needs have been met by a loving mother and father. Separation did not even realize that he was separated for many years. As Separation grew in years he felt like all his traffic lights looked green. In all honesty he had no idea what the traffic light was for many. When he was young he had two friends named Love and Grace. Love and Grace were different than he was and he always enjoyed being around them. Even when Love and Grace had things come into their lives that would normally destroy others, He noticed that they always would be around their friend named Peace. It was being around Love and Grace that Separation noticed the road that they traveled was always going the opposite direction as his. He also noticed that they would watch these traffic lights. When the light was red, they stopped. When it was yellow, they waited and were never quick to keep going. Sometimes they would move forward and sometimes they did not move at all.

Three Mvslim Boys singing "We Three Kings"!
Separation was always curious about this light they would look at. He questioned in his mind, “Why is my road going the opposite direction? Why are my lights almost always green except when I am with Love and Grace? Even this week when I noticed the traffic light, it was the first time my light turned red and what does that mean?” Separation has a good life. He has a family that loves him, his needs are met, he has good friends, and he feels happy most of the time. So again he ponders, “I have a good life and I am blessed, but something is different even better for Love and Grace.”

The more he is around Love and Grace his feelings begin to become conflicted. He loves being with them but they have something he feels like he is missing. Many times he also feels yucky about himself or choices he makes. In his mind, they are things or choices that are perfectly O.K. so why does he feel badly. Love and Grace have done nothing but love him and shine this light towards his life. One day Love and Grace begin to explain to him that they have so much love for him that they have to let him know that the road he is on is a bad one. It is a road that is lying to him. This is a road that may make him happy right now, but is leading him to death and hell. Separation really does not always feel happy, but he cannot see how their road is the right one. His road is the only one he has ever known. Most of his friends and family travel this road. His father has even warned him that the road Love and Grace are on is the road that is death. He has been warned to never make a u-turn or his family would not be pleased and even may disown him.

Brice a Catholic who wants to be sure of his salvation!
At first, Separation thinks that they are crazy. He laughs and then even finds himself angry. He sees that his traffic light is bright red and is almost commanding him to stop this conversation with them. He begins to ask many questions to challenge their belief and faith. As Love and Grace are sharing what their road and their traffic light have done and continues to do for their lives he notices that Love and Grace have friends that begin entering the room. All of a sudden the traffic light is there and is actually blinking U-Turn. Faith, Hope, Peace, Joy, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, and Self Control have all come to join Love and Grace as well. He feels more conflicted in his spirit than ever before. He recalls times when he has felt pulled in this other direction, but it simply makes no sense to him. Love and Grace give him a little more insight into the road he is traveling.

You see, Love and Grace are able to see where Separation’s road ends. Separation is riding in cruise mode. Love and Grace know that if Separation does not turn around, there will be a day that Separation will not be able to stop. He will be on a curve and an 18 wheeler truck is flying down the hill coming the other direction getting ready to turn the corner that Separation is traveling. Separation has been told that these trucks travel his road at fast paces and how dangerous it is. Separation has no idea that this truck is headed straight for him or even how fast the truck is traveling. Love and Grace are able to see very clearly what is about to happen to Separation and they cannot handle it. They love him and simply agonize at the thought of his death, hell, and separation from the Father in Heaven.

Three Mvslim boys we long to see know Jesus.
Love begins to tell Separation that the road he is on may be a whole lot of fun, may even seem completely safe and moral, but the person controlling his traffic light ultimately wants to kill him. He was born on the road that leads to death. Then the controller of his traffic light is going to do everything he can to keep him on this road. His road is like the road that Love and Grace travel- it will tempt him to steal, cheat, lie, gossip, be consumed with pride, look at inappropriate things, be unfaithful to his wife, bring depression, a low self image, fear, anxiety, etc. The big difference is, on his road when those temptations come, his traffic light will always be green…. ALWAYS. There will be times when the light is green and yet you will still stop. You know in your heart that these are not good things, but you stop because you are a good man. You may stop because you may see the risks… for whatever reason… you stop.

Separation says to Love, “you talk about all these things but you have all of these things in your road too.” Loves explains that he is absolutely right. On our road there are these traffic lights that appear that are there to try and steal, kill, and destroy us. The controller of your lights tries to control our road also. He has put things there to trick us and try to destroy us; however, there is never a trick or a temptation that does not have a beaming bright red light telling us to stop. Sometimes we allow ourselves to see it is as yellow. We may stop and think about it and many times the light becomes clearly red. Sometimes we see it as orange so we move forward anyway and find destruction.

2 Mvslims playing Mary and Joseph in our Christmas play.
There has been a friend in the room that Separation could not see. As Love, Grace, Faith, Hope, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, and Self Control were all praying for Separation….a beautiful thing took place. Separation began to see a small flicker of this other person in the room. The more he listened to Love and Grace the clearer the person became. Separation felt a battle in his soul. He felt pulled to stay on his road, but He could not resist his spirit pulling him to this other person. Separation finally said to the others, I want your road. I do not understand all of this, but I want your road. I want your traffic light and the person that controls it. I do not want to travel any longer on this road of destruction. I want to make a u-turn and fully receive the life that is waiting for me. It was then that through the small crowd, a man walked up to Separation. With tears running down his face, Separation said, “I just do not understand how this is possible for all of us?” Truth lifted the hem of his robe slightly so that Separation could see these huge scars that cover the tops of his feet. He then holds his palms open to show the nail scares that take up such a huge part of his palms. This man put his arms around Separation and pulled him into his chest holding him tightly and said, “Hello, my child… my name is Truth.” He then said, Separation now that you are my child, I am going to change your name….. You are no longer Separation and never again will be… you are Saved and always will be!

Think about this for one moment, how many people in your families, jobs, neighborhoods, grocery stores, and churches are named Separation? Are you Separation?

In this 4 part blog post, I am very excited for you to hear the Story of Philemon. He was first named Ishmael and also separated. He is now called Philemon and also SAVED!

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